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This past year a good friend of mine introduced me to the blog of famous marketing guru Seth Godin. I receive his blog entries daily and my boyfriend can attest to the fact that I wake up anticipating Seth's thoughts, wisdom and advice. His food for thought becomes a daily discussion about purpose and intention in the workplace, which i often transfer to my personal life as well. More specifically, his New Years blog gave me the exact words I needed to think soundly about my choices for the start of 2012. "You don't need a new plan for next year. You need a commitment."

They say you only need 21 days to form a habit and you will be on your way to become a changed person. That being said, I'm starting my New Years commitment small. 1 month of going "paleo" (or eating a diet of only meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds and some fruit), which I hope to make a permanent habit of. That being said, I challenge you this new years to take Seth's advice. Commit! Stop planning and start doing. You will see that you already have all the tools to take you where you want to go. And if your aim this New Years happens to be similar to mine, than OLF is right here to help you turn that resolution into a habit.

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