Question: Do I have to join Kitchen Table Cuisine (KTC) to shop the store?
Answer: Yes, you will need to become a member of Kitchen Table Cuisine in order to shop the KTC store.

Question: How do I use a gift certificate?
Answer: When you are on the checkout page, choose gift certificate radio button as means of payment. Then, scroll down and enter your gift certificate code (that you received via email or postal mail) in the box provided. Proceed through the checkout steps. If your gift certificate covers the entire cost of the order, that's all you need to do; however, if your gift certificate doesn't cover the order amount, you'll be asked to input another form of payment to cover the remaining balance. Enter that other form of payment by selecting the radio button associated with it, and complete your checkout.

Question: How much does it cost to join KTC?
Answer: The Kitchen Table Cuisine Membership fee is $15. From time to time, we'll run specials on this fee. This fee covers the cost of the delivery cooler and administrative costs.

Question: Do I have to place an order every week?
Answer: No, you can order as often as you prefer, up to weekly. Deliveries are Wednesday and Thursdays every week, please have your order in by midnight on Monday to receive that week.

Question: When I order, do I have to place a minimum order $$ amount?
Answer: Yes, there is a minimum order value of $25 for Home Delivery, however you may receive orders of any amount at a Pick Up Location.

Question: Can I have my KTC order delivered to my office?
Answer: Yes, you can have your order delivered to your office, your home, or to the "neighborhood" drop off point in the areas that we serve. You may also pick your order up at our Farm Store in McClellanville, SC.

Question:If I place an order for pickup at the drop-off point, but am unable to go to pick up my order, what can I do?
Answer: Please call (843) 849-0080 or email maria@ourlocalfoods.com to discuss and we'll try to help out. Perhaps, we can deliver to another convenient location for you.
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